HyLab Usage

Insertion of capsules

  1. Open the capsules tray located on the left side of your HyLab
  2. Place 1 to 3 capsules with the flat side up within the holes
  3. Close the capsules tray

Your skincare should start automatically if you are not using the app, if you do use the app press the "Start my skincare" button.

Collection of your skincare


Once your skincare produced, the LED light of your HyLab will become green.

  1. Remove the spatula from the mouth of the machine
  2. Apply your skincare collected from your spatula onto your face
  3. Rince the spatula under water and dry it
  4. Replace the spatula back into the mouth of the machine

Usage without app

We recommend using the mobile app with HyLab because it offers the most complete experience, though it's possible to use your HyLab without the app. You can switch between usage with or without the app at will.

Capsules choice

To choose the active ingredients of your skincare, you can read the labels of your Romy consumables or the cards provided in your Discovery Kit.

The list of ingredients in each component of skincare is available on their packagings, you can also check the HyLab consumables ingredients page.

Creation of a skincare

To start your skincare simply close the capsules tray after you've placed capsules onto it. Ensure no Romy HyLab app is running. If that is the case you should first terminate it.

Know the state of your machine

The LED light tells the state of your machine. You can check our memento to understand the state associated with this light.


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