HyLab troubleshooting

    • Check that your machine is plugged in and that the cord is connected to the socket.
    • Does this socket have any power? Try to plug your machine into another socket.
    • Is the magnetic spatula correctly inserted in your device? The spatula is required to start the machine up.
    • If the problem persists, contact us .
    • Check that the LED light is on, otherwise check your machine is plugged in.
    • Check that the LED light is flashing white, indicating that the machine is ready. Otherwise, see the light manual.
    • Check that the spatula is inserted correctly.
    • If you want to start your skincare without an application, check that the app is not open on the smartphone.
    • If you launch via the app, make sure you have inserted the requested number of capsules.
  • Know that you can choose the volume of your skincare dose directly through your application: large (~1 mL) or small (~0.7 mL).

    These two volumes have been designed to cover your entire face and your neck to the top of your cleavage without saturating or smother your skin with a too thick layer. Your skin will then absorb the right dose needed to meet its needs.

    • Check the positioning of the tips on the top of the flasks: they must be face to face (inwards).
    • Check that the label is not torn off or peeled, otherwise change the flask.
    • Make sure that the rear compartment is inserted correctly into the machine and pushed fully.
    • If the detection still does not take place, contact us.
  • After delivering the skincare, the formulator enters an automatic rinsing phase.

    This step lasts 2 to 5 minutes and ensures the cleanliness of the formulation system. It will occur after the formulation of each skincare, leaving you some time to perform your beauty ritual.

    Do not disconnect the formulator during this operation. Let the formulator rinse for a few minutes, it will be available right after.

  • Your formulator periodically performs an automatic cleaning. This step lasts a few minutes and allows a disinfection of the formulation system, thus ensuring the purity and safety of your skincares.

    It occurs during the first use then periodically automatically. Please note that you can program the automatic cleaning schedule via the Romy HyLab application.

    Do not disconnect the formulator during this operation. Let the formulator clean himself up for a few minutes, it will be available right after.

    • If you cannot pull open the back compartment, make sure your formulator is not creating a skincare or cleaning itself.
    • Once the back compartment pulled out, you need to remove the water tank top to be able to insert the flasks.

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