How to use the app

My Coach

The "My Coach" mode provides a skincare prescription based on your environment, your lifestyle and your skin needs.

Skin needs

Select here all the skincare properties that your skin needs.
You can select up to 3 needs at once.
Some properties can be grayed out, that's because a skincare filter is activated.


Select the events that happened to you recently (within the last 24 hours), linked either to your environment or your lifestyle.

Automatic detection

Geolocation information allows the app to detect your environment events (weather, pollution).

Thanks to Health data (Health on iPhone, Google Fit on Android) like your consumption (fat, sugar) or your activities (sport, sleep) the app can detect your lifestyle events.

Use the "Configure detection" button to manage access authorisations to your geolocation and Health data.

Once configured when you enter the "My Coach" mode you will notice an "Events detection" popup that indicates the automatic detection is taking place.

If events are detected, they will be then pre-selected (white tick).


Some life events are habits (shaving, cigarette, coffee/tea). You can declare them as habits using the "Define habits" button. Once declared as habits, these events will automatically be selected for you every day. You will later be able to remove these habits via the same button.

Validate the skincare

Once you have selected at least one ned and/or one event you will have access to the "Validate my skincare" button that will allow you to start your skincare.

My Selection

The "My Selection" mode allows you to compose your measure-made skincare by selecting directly your capsules based on their active ingredient or their action on your skin. The maximum number of active ingredients that can be selected for a skincare and the available choice depend if skincare filters are activated.


Once you have selected at least one active ingredient you will have access to the "Validate my skincare" button that will allow you to start your skincare.

My Cleanses

The "My Cleanses" mode allows you to create a Romy Fresh Cleanse with HyLab from the comfort of your home and to follow its skincare program for 5 days.

The Fresh Cleanses are a range of skincares designed for a deep action on a given subject.


If a cleanse is not available check the skincare filters: that cleanse might require some capsules you do not have in your stock or more capsules than the limit you defined.


To start a cleanse you just have to select it and create your first skincare. Then you will get a notification to continue your cleanse program every day for 5 days.

My Favourites

The "My Favourites" mode allows you to quickly access your favourite skincares.

Add a favourite

There are two ways to add a skincare as a favourite:

  • at the end of a skincare creation through the "Add to Favourites" button
  • from the Beauty Log by selecting a skincare item then choosing "Mark as Favourite". Skincares already set as favourites display a star.

Impact on Coaching

The active ingredients of the skincares set as Favourites are also favoured in the prescription algorithm of the My Coach mode. Your opinion on the created skincares thus personalises this algorithm to adapt it to you.

Beauty Log

The Beauty Log allows you to find all the skincares you created via the app and for each one:

  • see the ingredients list of this skincare
  • mark this skincare as a Favourite
  • create this skincare

The Beauty Log is available from the home screen of the Skincare tab via the top right corner icon.

Skincare filters

Inside each mode you can access skincare filters via the icon at the top right of the screen.

These filters ensure you get a capsules combination prescription that matches your constraints (stock, type of base used or limit of the number of capsules).


Please note that when a Cream base is inside the machine, only 2 capsules skincares can be produced. That's why the filter of the max number of capsules is automatically activated, and it can not be modified while the Cream base is inside your machine.


The Stock tab of the app reflects the state of your stock of Romy consumables (capsules, bases, cleaners) at your home, and allows you to see at a glance stock levels that are too low.

This stock information allows the app to only suggest skincares among the ingredient active capsules that you own at home if your stock skincare filter is activated.

Stock management

The stock is initially filled with the content of the Discovery Kit once you've added a new HyLab formulator.

After each capsule use for a skincare created via the app, the matching capsules stock is automatically lowered.

You can define the value of the stock of a consumable yourself by tapping it within the list.

To help with adding products to your stock you can use the "+" button at the top right of the screen. It will open up your camera and you will be able to scan the barcode of the packagings of the products you want to add.

Sharing HyLab with multiple users

If you share the use of your HyLab device with other members of your family but every one uses their own smartphone, you can share a common stock with them. To make sure the automatic stock management reflects the use of every single users of your HyLab, ensure the "Shared stock" option is ticked in the app of all the users. This option is available from the Stock tab via the top right Configuration icon.

If you share the same smartphone, you do not need to use this option.


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