Mobile app troubleshooting

  • Links and instructions to download the app are available on the Setup page.

    If your store does not show the app, it could be:

    • your iOS or Android version is not supported
    • your devie does not support Bluetooth Low Energy

    In those cases use a newer smartphone/tablet to download the app.

    Note that HyLab can still be used without any app.

    • Check that your formulator is on.
    • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
    • Keep your phone in close proximity to your HyLab.
    • Try several times the scanning step.
    • Make sure no other phone is connected to your formulator. If this is the case, quit the app running on that device then try again.
    • Do not pair the formulator and your smartphone from the Bluetooth settings of your phone as you would do for an audio headset. To proceed with the association only go through the Romy app.

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